With seemingly endless choices of loan options and lenders available, it’s unfortunately common to end up with the wrong loan structure in place.

Having a clearly defined debt solution and structure should come before you even contemplate what product is right for you.

When it comes to borrowing and debt, our team at Eastwoods can review both your current and potential financing options to ensure that everything is optimised for your requirements. To do this, we conduct an affordability analysis, set a long-term gearing strategy and create a debt repayment plan for you.

Getting the right mix of gearing is an important pillar of your financial plan, as over-gearing and under-gearing are equally detrimental to your overall financial success. It’s also important that your debt structure is aligned with your overall financial goals, to get the best outcome.

When it comes to lending and debt, Eastwoods can work with any financial institution to assist with the following:

  • Financing a home or investment property
  • Refinancing
  • SMSF lending
  • Motor vehicle financing
  • Asset financing
  • Commercial Lending
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