Financial success built upon long-term partnerships

Just like the results our services offer, our relationships with our cherished clients are lifelong.

Your dreams are our priority

At Eastwoods, we collaborate with clients from all different age groups, walks of life and circumstances. That’s because we believe everyone deserves to live the life they want.

No matter what chapter or stage of life you find yourself, you can rest assured that our Eastwoods team will guide and support you towards making smart financial decisions to grow your wealth and enjoy your ideal lifestyle.

How we work with our clients


As you turn the page of another chapter in your younger life, you are bound to welcome new beginnings. This might be the stage where you begin to establish your career, set up a business, take a new career path and have family plans on the near horizon.

Your late 20s and early 30s is the time when you start to feel more comfortable about the way life is going. To help make sure you keep things on track, Eastwoods can map out the next decades of your life by starting with where you want to be when you retire, and then move backwards.

You’re never too young for a Financial Plan. The sooner you act, the more you will see the positive impacts of your decisions over the next 5 to 40+ years. We can plan out your financial future, so you can continue enjoying your youth.


They say that life begins at 40.

This is the time when you have figured out the life that’s best for you. You have pursued your interests, developed skills, gained experiences, have kids and now have the necessary means to start enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle. You might even be thinking about investing. Eastwoods can help you make the most of this period by providing expert and personalised guidance as you plan out your long-term future.


At this point, you have a successful career, an older family and a business that’s doing well. Now, all you’re after is the perfect lifestyle and opportunities to build your wealth for years down the track. You may also be thinking about your parents and making arrangements for their care. We can help you with all of these things.

As you start to get closer to your 60s, you should start to think more about your own retirement plans and the things you want to look forward to when you arrive at that stage in your life. Eastwoods helps you make these happen for you with professional wealth management and financial planning services.


Whether you’re done paying all your debts or you’re almost there, retired or on your way to retiring, enjoying life and being with your grandchildren may be your top priorities at this time.

Plans around your own aged care may also be at the back of your mind. At Eastwoods, we can make everything easier for you so you can focus on relishing life’s precious moments. With financial advice based on years of professional experience, you are empowered to make the best out of life.

We are here to give you peace of mind...

Our Financial Advisers are focused on guiding your life towards beautiful destinations and cherished moments.

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